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1. Freedom of Expression

Social media has fundamental right to evoke the freedom of expression but, the whole world has based on some universal rules and the word “Freedom of Expression” has also based on some rules that,

  • It does not mean to embarrass someone’s feelings.
  • It does not mean to allows discriminate or contradict to any Country, Region, Community, linguistic, Color, caste, Religion and Sect.
  • It does not mean to insult others by typing offensive words. It does not allow to use harmful, irreparable and hates speeches.
  • It does not mean to use pornography.

2. Fundamental Rights

Every person on SocioOn Community Version even Users, Employees, Individual, Advisor, Developer, Organization and Institute should have to represent the SocioOn Community Version because a user can get the complete ownership of an account to SocioOn Community Version.

3. Ownership of Account

Users are the owner of their accounts and have claimed their ownership. Any user can use with dual aspects even can get financial support or linked towards the world through socializing.

4. Equality and Equity

SocioOn Community Version believes both Equality and Equity. Equality gives the equal rights and treating equally with everyone without understanding the basic needs but on the other side, command forward and understand the basic need then behave equally with everyone is Equity.

5. Right of Information

The right of Information is a basic key in SocioOn Community Version principle to empower the users for bringing Transparency and Accountability in the system.

6. Moral values

Moral values are the standards of discrimination between right and wrong, good and bad. SocioOn Community Version significant principle is moral values which create the difference among all conditions which based on the moral and immoral situation with strong check and balance. The above-mentioned list is not exhaustive of the subject so be mindful when dealing with data/content on SocioOn Community Version.

Data Policy

SocioOn Community Version endeavors to provide a very ethical and progressive community version social portal therefor it has devised its own set of community standards/user ethics guidelines, these guide lines provide an understanding regarding that what type of content maybe share on SocioOn Community Version and what type of content may be used by the user and may be removed by the SocioOn Community Version in its own discretion. If any content (text, software, scripts, graphics, music, sounds, videos, photos, indirect features other materials and data field services) is not in accord with your understandings it does not mean that it is not in conformity with SocioOn Community Version user ethics guidelines.